" To understand the spirit and the heart of someone,ask not what they have already achieved but to what they aspire " Kahlil Gibran.

Webspinner /webweaver activist

As an activist working towards a citizen's ecological transition in my local area, I decided it was necessary to help non-for-profit organisations ,as well as alternative and social enterprises respectful of the environment and life, to take their place on the web.

Free and voluntary contributions

In order to take my part in the necessary (r)evolution in the community where I live, I have trained as a 'webmaster' and offer my services on the basis of free and voluntary contributions. In an effort to put into practice my vision of an alternative economy,  those who have need of my services are asked to contribute based on a conscientious assessment of the work involved and their resources, financial or otherwise.

We must not leave the power of the web in the hands of the oligarchs, the interests of big business and 'big state' who can afford to pay experts to gain control of the web without ever questioning the right of common wealth, the equitable sharing of resources and riches or the shared responsability to leave our children a world fit for habitation.



David and his #slingshot

David and his #slingshot find Goliath’s weak spot.

The Goliaths of big business may find themselves being bought down to size by a well aimed #sling shot at their e–reputation!
Social networks are proving to be fertile ground for activists and ‘eco-warriors’ looking to control the worst excesses of the ‘profit is all’ economy.
Social activists are VERY good at networking and social media.
They gain power by building social networks based on common causes and shared values.
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