Feminist Artivist!

Back to basics

Inspired by Nomadways  and having spent two weeks in the company of an amazing bunch of kick-ass artivists at the Wemen workshop discussing and deconstructing gender stereotypes, I'm refinding the wild wolf woman within.

Does feminism hold the key to the change in paradigm so necessary to evolve our humanity into a restorer regenerative species?

This is my space for that journey!

'Out of the box' - 3D zine

'Out of the box' was created during the two week Wemen workshop  in May 2018.

Boxed in by others perceptions of what we should or should not be, we cannot grow or freely  realise our full potential. Our true nature risks death by suffocation!

This little zine is an invitation to look outside of the box - both to the person within and the person without!

#Expussytion Manifesto

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