Web site creation based on open and voluntary contributions

Inspired by the Sideways initiative, I've chosen to experiment an economic model based on free and voluntary contributions which is characterised by it's open and cooperative nature.

'Open voluntary contribution' is not meant to be synonymous with 'free' but is meant  to access possibility to those with less, and the very poor, as well as to the more priveleged - thus it is the possibility for each person to access a freedom, the freedom to give as well as to receive and to give in relation to what is received. It's up to each person to position themselves in relation to their skills and knowhow, in relation to what they actually receive, in relation to their real capacity to pay and in relation to the work furnished by the person in front of them etc.. and from their heart!


Expussytion - website

Website for an international group of art activists to promote reflection on issues of gender through art.

Creation of a documentary

Documentary : a citizens collective in the Lot develop a project for an Ecologic Transition Centre in a unique place abandoned by the departemental council for five years.

Chrysalide Danse Mouvement Thérapie

Organic farm -Hortdejoanluget in Occitanie, France

Website Rural art gallery - Arbouge

Website Guest House in Oloron Saint Marie

captur d'ecran - site la Bateleuse-jeux géants

Website giant wooden games - La Bateleuse

Website Chani'Anes - walking with donkies

Wemen - creation of a comic strip

Creation of a comic strip as part of Wemen -European workshop (gender and stereotypes) - Tales with Spikes 1-Daily Life,
2- Planting 3-The music of love

Documentary film, illustrative booklet and website

film clipboardI initiated an coordinated the project 'Transition au Pays, aventure Lotoise" - a 60 minute documentary film + book + website highlighting and federating more than 30 transition initiatives.

I presented the film and faciltated the debates around the themes of transition at over 40 events in the Lot and elsewhere.

The Lot is teeming with alternative initiatives; local monies, transmission of ancient skills and practices, car-sharing, shared gardens, ecological building practices... Transition is above all an inclusive movement, concrete actions which are shared and mutually enriching. It is essential to be known, to be visible to other initiatives. For this reason a collective of citizens came together to produce a witness document which explores and questions, linking those who are preparing the territory for a resilient, healthy and serene future.


Visual and written documents - magazines and websites

David and his #slingshotArticles published on various websites and magazines (Lot en Action, Silence)
Visuel pour l'article sur le site  http://www.influenceursduweb.org/
Read in English david-and-his-slingshot et francais david_et_son_frond

Edition et referencement website

Conception and editorial website  http://www.formation-referenceur.fr/
Editorial team responsable for referencement
Here's an example of an article written for the site declinaisons

Video editing

video Altertour sur youtube

Montage video AlterTour.

Subtitles in English

sous titré film en anglais


Subtitling in English of documentary film "Transition au Pays, aventure Lotoise" for international diffusion.

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